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Greetings to everyone. I was 22 years old when I experienced the incident I will describe. Since I was a student at the University at that time, I was still living in Istanbul with my family. My uncle separated from my aunt a few years ago and started living with his 3 children. Since my uncle was the personnel manager of a company, his economic situation was quite good, but since he had many mistresses, his children mostly stayed with their Uncles or Aunts, that is, with us. My uncle had two daughters and a son. Her son is one year younger than me, one of her daughters Arzu is 16 years old, and the other daughter was much younger.

The children came to stay with us in the summer. We were all having a great time together, having fun. However, even from time to time, Dec’s developing body attracts my attention, whether I wanted to or not, I was aroused. But then I was angry with myself for having such thoughts about my uncle’s daughter. About 15-20 days after the children started staying with us, my aunts from the Netherlands came on vacation to Turkey. After staying with my brother-in-law’s relatives in Bursa for a few days, they came to us. The house became quite crowded when other relatives who heard that my aunts were coming to us also came to us. As the hours progressed, the conversation darkened under the influence of a little drunk Rakılar and did not end. Most of the guests who came at the end of the night stayed with us.

Naturally, there was a shortage of places to sleep in such a crowd. They gave all the children and teenagers (including me) a room. My uncle’s two daughters went to bed, my uncle’s son, my brother, my other aunt’s son and I had to sleep on the floor beds that were made. Since most of them were tired from the road and it was past midnight, we all went to sleep. In the middle of my sleep, I woke up suddenly, as if someone had woken me up. In my dream, I was doing unusual things with my uncle’s daughter Arzu again, and my dick was lifted up. I looked up, looked around, there were fleas flying on everyone’s ass. Arzu was sleeping in the bed right next to me. After watching it like that for a while, I started to really desire Desire.

By the way, Dechre was a 16-year-old girl with perfect hips, slightly fishy flesh and beautiful breasts. Unable to control myself, I began to gently touch Desire’s legs with my hand over the pike. When I saw that he didn’t wake up, I got a little more courage and started to slowly open the cover on him. I pulled the pike on him until his hips and legs opened up. I was about to die from excitement and fear of being caught, my heart was pounding. Although his brother was lying right next to me, because of the irresistible desire in me and a little with the courage of not waking up Arzu, I vaguely started touching Arzu’s legs. If he woke up, I would tell him that he was undressed and cover him up and go to sleep…

But the Desire did not awaken again, and I slowly began to slide my hand upward. When I got on her hips, my heart almost jumped out of my mouth with excitement. Her soft thighs were warm and in the palm of my hand. Encouraged by the fact that Arzu still hadn’t woken up, I started touching her hips a little more Decently, gradually sliding my hand between her legs. The moment I felt the warmth and curves of her pussy, I was already starting to rave with pleasure. But interestingly, the Desire was not awakening. I’m starting to think that either he was sleeping too deeply, or he was awake and he wanted to, or he was awake but he couldn’t make a sound because he was scared. So in all three cases there would be no sound.

Thinking like this, I started running my hand Decently over her pussy between her legs. While Arzu was lying on his side, he suddenly started to lie face down with a slight movement. Although I was excited, the feeling that he wasn’t sleeping began to outweigh. I slowly started moving my hand around her hips again. While stroking Arzu over his pajamas, on the other hand, I had taken down my Shorts and Boxers and started shooting 31. When the desire made no sound, I slowly started to put my hand inside her pajamas. I was squeezing her buttocks over her panties, sliding my hand towards her pussy and stroking her pussy. Then I slowly put my hand inside her panties. Her pussy was on fire, and Desire still hadn’t made a sound.

While I was stroking her ass hole with my finger, Desire never moved, which gave me great pleasure and encouragement. When I first reached her cunt through her panties, the worlds had become mine. Her warm pussy was wet, and Desire was sweating. Thinking about what will happen now, I slowly started to take down Arzu’s pajamas along with his panties. When I lowered it to my knees, the view was amazing. Gathering up my courage thoroughly, I went up to the bed where Arzu and his brother were lying. Since his brother is still very young, even if he woke up, he wouldn’t understand anything. I reached next to Arzu and put a kiss on his neck. Arzu’s breathing accelerated, but he did not open his eyes. Pulling down her pajamas and panties, which were down to her knees, a little lower, I began to stroke Arzu’s tiny asshole. From there your cunt, then your ass again… It was an amazing pleasure, mixed with fear and excitement!

Then I went down a little and started licking Dec’s pussy between Arzu’s thighs little by little. As my tongue touched her pussy, my desire to fuck Arzu was increasing. After her pussy, I started kissing and licking her back by stripping her thighs, the T-shirt she was wearing a little up. When I was going down from there to the asshole again, I decided to fuck Arzu’s ass no matter what. To soften the tiny asshole, I started licking it well, putting my tongue into its tiny hole little by little. After softening it a little, I slowly started to stick my middle finger up Desire’s ass. But even my finger could hardly get into your tiny ass. After a while, my finger was starting to get in well now. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wanted to fuck that little asshole of my uncle’s daughter as soon as possible. I slowly climbed up and lay on it. Whispering in his ear, “I love you very much, my Desire. All this is gonna stay between us, okay? Dec.”I said, “I put my dick on Desire’s ass. But no matter how hard I tried, my dick wouldn’t get in your ass.

When I was thinking about how to insert it, I thought to buy olive oil from the kitchen. I got up from Arzu and pulled on my shorts, covered Arzu only and went to the kitchen. In the kitchen, I greased my dick a little with Olive Oil first, and put enough Olive Oil in the teapot to fill a quarter of the glass, and went back to the room again. When I opened Arzu’s clothes, I saw that his pajamas and panties had been put back on. At that moment, I was one hundred percent sure that Arzu was not sleeping anymore. He was awake and probably afraid to make a sound. If he wanted to, I think he wouldn’t have worn his panties and pajamas. When I realized that he was awake and couldn’t make a sound, I very rudely pulled Arzu’s pajamas and panties down to his knees again. Then I poured some Olive oil from a glass into the hole of his ass and started to lubricate Arzu’s ass thoroughly, while sticking my finger in. After I fed the olive oil into your ass thoroughly, my fingers were now easily entering your ass in twos.

I pulled down my shorts again and lay down on Arzu. I started pressing my dick, which was like a stake, into Arzu’s ass, and suddenly his head came in. At that moment, a vague groan came from Arzu and he began to squeeze the sheet and bite the pillow. After waiting a little like that, I slowly started to put all of my dick inside. At that moment Desire began to cry quietly. He lay down Decently on it, waited for a while in the whole of my dick, whispered in his ear, “It’s okay, honey, now you’ll get used to it, all this will stay between us!” I said, “I tried to calm down Desire. I slowly started walking back and forth in your ass. I was crushing her buttocks under my crotch, fucking her ass without paying attention to Arz’s crying quietly. after fucking Desire’s ass like this for 10-15 minutes, I poured all my sperm into Desire’s ass more violently than ever before in my life. After waiting for a while, I took my dick out of his ass, put on his panties and pajamas. I took the greasy glass and went to the kitchen, put it in the dishwasher, came and got into my own bed. While I was trying to sleep with my eyes closed, I noticed that Arzu had got out of bed. He left the room and went to the bathroom. He probably got cleaned up and came back and went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, Arzu and I pretended that nothing had happened. When the other guests left, the house was relieved and Arzu started sleeping with his little brother in his own room again. As long as they stayed with us (they stayed with us for about another Month), every night, after everyone was asleep, I went to Arzu’s room and fucked Arzu’s ass while his little brother was sleeping. Arzu always cried quietly for the first few times, but later he continued to pretend to be asleep without making a sound.

Every time he stayed with us, I always fucked Arzu’s ass, and Arzu never made a sound. This continued until Desire got married at the age of 20. A year after getting married, she broke up with her husband and called me at a time I never expected, saying that she wanted to meet me. We met and went straight to a Hotel. We fucked nonstop until morning. I fucked Arzu a lot in the pussy this time too. He told me that at first (for about seven or eight Months) he always wanted to get rid of me, but he couldn’t keep his voice out of fear, but over time he started to enjoy me fucking his ass, and after that he didn’t keep his voice out of pleasure. A few weeks after our night at the hotel, I rented a small apartment, put it up, furnished it. Now we fuck with my uncle’s daughter almost every day 🙂

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