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Hello, my name is Orhan. I live in Adapazarı, the central district of Sakarya. i am 29 years old and married. My wife Arzu is 21 years old, I married her by appointment 4 years ago. I have two daughters, one is 3 and the other is 1 year old. I sell second-hand goods at my own business.

Soon after getting married, I learned that a person marries not only his wife, but also his family. My father-in-law was a contrary and impecunious person. First of all, he was teasing his wife and two children, and then me at random times. He had spent a lot of money on drinking in the past, and as a result, he was starting to experience livelihood difficulties. Pays paid money to me from time to time, and either pays late or doesn’t pay at all. But he would also keep coming home drunk a few nights a week. He was Decapitating my mother-in-law’s life, beating her occasionally.

My mother-in-law used to run away and come to us when she was beaten up or really overwhelmed. I said to her, “Mom, leave this man, get divorced, come live here with us!” even if I said that, he wouldn’t listen to me and would keep his way home again. My wife got rid of her father by getting married. My brother-in-law, who is 3 years older than my wife, had finished open education after a two-year course and was trying to get into a place with the CPSU, and he was trying to save himself from his father.

But all these troubles ended a few months ago when my father-in-law died. As a result of many years of drinking, his body had gone bankrupt. He got sick, stayed in the hospital for a while, but did not recover. My mother-in-law cried a lot in the first days because of the death of her husband, she was sad. Even worse, he was her husband of 25 years after all. However, as the days passed, her sadness gradually decreased, and after she turned forty, she almost disappeared, even rejoicing at her husband’s death.

My brother-in-law decided to Decant his military service first because of the death of his father and then because he gave up hope from the CPSS. In the end, when he went to the military, my mother-in-law was left alone in her house.

It was a week and ten days after my brother-in-law left for the military. I was on Facebook at home one evening. My wife was tired from dealing with the children all day and went to bed early. It was getting to 23:00. I saw my mother-in-law Solmaz online. I had bought her a Facebook account a few days ago so that she could contact her son, who was going to the military. I also briefly showed you how to use it. I was wondering what he was doing on Facebook at this hour.

I said to her, “Mom, no, what are you doing?” I wrote. He wrote to me that he was in correspondence with a friend named Kader, that he was a childhood friend of Kader, that they had not seen each other for years, that he lived in Istanbul. “Well, all right!” I wrote and sent it saying. Then I corresponded with my own friends, scrolled through the pages. Half an hour had passed, and he said to me, “How are you? Dec.” he wrote. “I’m fine, how are you?” I wrote in response.

“I’m fine, I’m glad you got this for me, I’m looking for my friends and finding…” he wrote. My mother-in-law loved Facebook very much, she was thanking me for it. He was searching for his friends using the Facebook account I bought so that he could meet with his son in the military. We started talking from the air, or rather, correspondence. He asked about my wife and children, I wrote that they were sleeping. We were jumping from topic to topic. My mother-in-law was a primary school graduate, and she had just met the computer. But he got it very soon, he loved it.

As our correspondence progressed, the subject somehow came to my father-in-law. I said to him, “I’m sorry, but it’s good that my father-in-law died, I’m not sad at all, he ruined your life in the first place!” I wrote. “You’re telling the truth!” he wrote in response. Her ordeals for many years had ended with the death of her husband. “From now on, it’s your time, enjoy yourself. A person comes to this life once, we can go to our summer house whenever you want!” when I wrote, “God willing, my son! he sent a reply saying “.

My own family had a summer house in Karasu. it was a 2-storey villa. Me, my father and my brother-in-law bought a joint. Whenever I was available, I would go with my wife and children. In the summer, my wife and children would be there with my mother and father all the time. How many times have I invited my mother-in-law, but each time my father-in-law did not send his wife, who objected. When our children were born, he used to come and stay to help my wife, but even then, my father-in-law used to pick her up by mouth.

He was logging into Facebook from my brother-in-law’s laptop. I told him, “Turn on the camera!” I wrote. I also showed him how to do it, but he wrote that he couldn’t do it. I wrote again one by one, but, “I don’t understand, son, you can come and do it tomorrow!” he wrote back.

By the time our conversation was over, it was getting to 01:00. My mother-in-law had trouble typing on the keyboard because she wasn’t used to it, so our conversation took a very long time. When I told my wife in the morning that I had chatted with her mother on Facebook in the evening, she was surprised, but then she said, “I’m very happy for her, what has she suffered over the years!” said.

After leaving work that day, I called my mother-in-law. “Mom, if you’re free, can I come and take care of this camera business?I said. “I’m free, son, come whenever you want!” when he said that, I went to his house. When I opened the door, I went inside. With the death of my father-in-law, my mother-in-law had found comfort, and this comfort was reflected in her behavior and clothing.

Although I was my mother-in-law and called her mom, in reality she was only 13 years older than me, she was 42 years old. She, like my wife, got married at the age of 17 and became a mother at the age of 18. Although she had suffered the grief of her husband for many years, she was still a young and beautiful woman. My wife got her beauty from her mother. I have witnessed many times with my wife that they are considered sisters, sisters, not mothers, daughters.

She was a religious woman with a hijab, who was careful to dress indoors and did not open her head next to me. He always wore long and baggy dark overcoats, tied his head with large turbans. It would make him look older than he is in this form.

In her husband’s last days, she started wearing jeans instead of skirts, long shirts and tunics instead of overcoats, and she wore sunglasses. My wife had a big share in this change. That was when I first started to have other feelings for him. His changing appearance had also caused my feelings to change. But still, now he was facing me in a different state, not the one I was used to.

Solmaz anne had made her hair into a bun at the back with a buckle and tied it up at the top with a small scarf. It was the first time I saw her long, auburn hair. He was wearing a gray sweatsuit. The woman who had always dressed covered up and baggy was now wearing an outfit that showed off her body contours. She was about 1.70 tall, a little shorter than my wife, and had light fishnet. Her skin was auburn, as was her hair. Except for her big brown eyes and thick black eyebrows, she looked like a copy of Sibel Can.

The top of her gray T-shirt fit her body perfectly, neither missing nor too much, but this was enough to show her breasts. I never knew your boobs were so big. It looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra inside, because her nipples were showing under the sweatpants. And when she bent down to give me slippers, I saw her plump ass under the sweatpants and the print of her panties.

“I’m sorry, son, the state of the house!” he said, smiling. “Mom, am I a foreigner, for God’s sake!” I said, ” but it was certain that I was a stranger to this image of you. “Come in, my boy!” so he invited me in. I was alone with my mother-in-law now in this house that I had never come to by myself when my father-in-law was there.

The laptop was on the big table in the hall. I told him to sit next to me and watch me, saying, ”Come look, this is what you’re going to do…” He pulled up a chair and sat down. He was watching carefully while I was showing and telling, asking questions to understand. Apart from the camera, he also asked about things he didn’t know on the computer and wanted to learn, and I explained them all in a way that he would understand.

Finally, he said, “Do you understand, show me!” i said and pushed the laptop in front of him. I intervened when his fingers, trembling with excitement, made a mistake while navigating on the mouse and keyboard, but at this time my hand was touching his hand, naturally. Solmaz mother seemed to be afraid at first and tried to pull her hand away, but then she left.

I put my hand on his hand holding the mouse and asked him to watch what I was doing on the screen. At that moment I realized that something was moving inside me. It was my own mother-in-law whose hand I was holding, but it caused my feelings of masculinity to swell. He was only 13 years older than me. Maybe that’s why my father-in-law kept his wife away from me all this time, it was this Decently small age difference between us. My father-in-law thought that I might have different feelings for him. And now it had turned out that he was right.

Finally, the Unfading mother has become able to do what I showed her on her own. “Thank you, son, I hope I can do it myself after this…” he said in a trembling voice. Interestingly, I realized that he was just like me. Like me, he was embarrassed, his face turned pink.

“From now on, when you meet Tufan, you turn on the camera, that’s how you see each other!I said. Tufan was my brother-in-law. “God willing, I miss my son’s face already!” he said with emotion. “We’ll go to the swearing-in ceremony together!” he got even more emotional when I said. On the way out, he said, “Eat and go like that, son, where are you going now?” said. “Arzu is waiting, I didn’t tell him I was coming here…” he seemed a little surprised when I said. “Didn’t you tell him?” he asked. “No, I didn’t!” I said again. “Well, you know…” he said in response to my words, he did not insist that I stay.

I got out, or rather, I barely threw myself out. I was so embarrassed about my feelings, I even thought how disgusting it would be if my sister’s husband felt such things towards my mother. But it was also true that I couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t tell my wife that I came from her mother’s side. That evening, my wife went into the bedroom and had a long conversation on the phone with her mother and gossiped. When he came to me, he said, “My mother has learned to turn on the camera!” he said with a laugh. I thought he must have said that I taught, but my wife didn’t mention it. “How did he find out?” I asked with great curiosity. My wife did not dwell on it, saying, ”I don’t know, she learned it from somewhere …”.

The children were tiring my wife a lot, so recently our sex life had lost its former mobility. My wife Arzu was 1.75 tall and 55 pounds. She had auburn skin and hair like her mother. Although she was wearing a turban, she always tried to dress stylish and beautiful, she was not afraid to wear makeup. Although she had given birth to two children, her body was not deformed. It would make me very happy to see her beautiful. We were bound to each other by a great love.

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